What Is The Best Energy Drink?

What Is The Best Energy Drink?

What is the best energy drink? Most people have properly tried drinking an energy drink and most people more than one haha and ten there are those who drink it like water….I admit that I have tried most energy drinks that you can buy. I work shifting hours and at times I really need a boost of energy. But honestly whenever I drink an energy when I feel super tired, I really don’t feel much of a difference. Drinking a regular Cola would have the same effect on me! One or Two energy drinks don’t touch me at all and personally it is a waste of money with most energy drinks in my case. There are many kinds of energy drinks: Red Bull as maybe the most famous one and there is Monster, ROCK Star and hundreds more. They are all basically the same with the same ingredients. And by the way I don’t understand why parents allow their kids to drink these! I many countires there are restrictions on who can buy them. But still kids drink them. In my oppinon energy drinks are worse than Cola. Well the energy drinks almost has no effect on me. I tried a health supplement from NOW foods called ENERGY and that works better than all the energy drinks I have tried. It’s a natural supplement with only natural ingredients. proven to energize the mind and body. But the true energizer is a simple cup of green tea with honey! That will boost your for more than ten mintues. Green tea can boost your mental energy and mood for hours. So I recommend green tea as a pre-workout, study, reading, daily living. I will write more about powerful PWO soon.


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Eating Organic Will Keep You Young

Eating organic will keep you young! I’m sure this will provoke some, but for many years the food industry has successfully feed the public with poisons food filled with pesticides and chemicals and no one complaint. Everyone took for granted that the food was ok and nothing to worry about. But then the organic revolution started and it forced the big food brands to rethink who they produced their foods and now organic foods are growing in popularity with reasons, because organic food tastes better, smells better and is better for the health. I believe that eating natural organic is the way to go if you think about your health. It gives you more energy and peace of mind. It is still a little more expensive, but the more people who buy organic the cheaper it will be. The next mission for the organic revolution most be to target the fast food restaurants. To make McDonald, Burger King, Pizza Hut etc. to start using organic products. We all have a responsibility and a choice. Lets eat organic as much as possible.


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Forever Young

What is the secret to longevity and joyful living? What is the keys to a happy life? Can we stay forever Young? In different cultures people use different anti-aging methods and tricks, trying to push back our genetic clock but is it really possible to appear younger than you are? I believe that you can always improve your health and exercise and eating right are keys for youthful living.